Maximize your water savings
with uridan® waterless solutions

Maximize your water savings
with urinals from uridan®.

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uridan® waterless solutions!

Did you know that a conventional urinal uses up to 150,000 litres of water a year? We want to preserve this raw material of life - for the future of mankind.

In addition to environmental awareness, uridan® also saves you money. You already save a lot of money during the installation of your sanitary facilities. The patented uridan® technology requires neither a water nor an electricity connection, so you are sparedhigh installation and maintenance costs.

Waterless urinal systems from uridan® stand for sustainable function with distinctive design and unique technology

The Vision

Water is precious. And flushing a urinal with potable water is a waste of this valuable resource. This is at the heart of everything we do and inspires uridan to continue to innovate, creating products with superior functionality and distinctive Danish design.

uridan® product categories

Functional, Remarkable, and Easy.

Quickly explained, but long and carefully researched. The heart of the uridan® urinalis the unique uridan siphon. It works with uriLOCK - a specially developed locking liquid. Biodegradable, of course.

uriLOCK is lighter than urine, remaining on the surface of the waste trap to create a liquid seal. While urine flows directly into the sewer system below, uriLOCK’s liquid seal prevents sewer odours from entering into the room above.

The uridan hygiene system.

Functional, Remarkable, and Easy

Simple daily cleaning works for uridan with uriCLEAN. This simply sprays the surface and the lotus effect prevents urine drops from sticking. They simply roll off.

We offer more comfort

with less costs and less effort.

Our especially developed biodegradable blocking fluid uriLOCK ensures that your uridan urinal remains completely odourless, operating without the need for costly sealants or chemical additives.